Create Your Own Magic!

This Mommy & Me Personalized Crystal Bracelet Set (2) is made with 6mm quality crystal beads of your choice. Creating your own crystal bracelet is an intuitive process and in order to assist you better we have created a "Get To Know Your Crystals" page so you can decide for yourself which crystals best suit your intention and/or healing. There are plenty of ideas on the page as well as ideas throughout our website. Take your time, browse around, there's alot to see and learn.

There is nothing crystals can't accomodate, from setting intentions to healing loss and everywhere in between. Crystals can benefit everyone in their own way, all it takes is a little creativity, intention and willingness to connect the crystals' energy.

Heavenly Bracelet Shop believes in helping their customers reclaim their innate ability to heal through the use of crystals. We look forward to creating exactly the crystal bracelet you want for yourself and/or the ones you love. We have something for everyone! These personalized crystal bracelets make a unique & meaningful gift for anyone, anytime of the year! 

This is a set of 2, one for mommy, one for child and includes a rose of your choice. If you have more than one child and want matching bracelets please contact me.

Enjoy your creative process and let us do the rest. 


All crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and energetically cleansed, shipped to you ready to wear.


***This is a personalized item, the pic is just one example. Please check out our "Get To Know Your Crystals" Page for a complete list and description of each crystal bead we carry. If there is a crystal you want and don't see on our list please contact us directly. If you need more info and/or help deciding what crystals you might need for your crystal bracelet feel free to contact me first***

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Create Your Own Bracelet Set-Mommy & Me

  • Women

    Small is Approx. 16-18cm 

    Medium is Approx. 18-20cm 

    Large is Approx. 20-22cm 

    XL is Approx. 22-24cm 


    Small is Approx.18-20cm 

    Medium is Approx. 20-22cm 

    Large is Approx. 22-24cm 

    XL is Approx. 24-26cm 


    For Kids please measure wrist for accuracy.


    Measure wrist and add 1.5cm to make sure it fits comfortably unless you want the crystals right up against the wrist.

    All crystal bracelets made on secure elastic stretch magic bead string.